Are you making use of cinnamon for weight loss?

I have done a lot of study on the subject, "cinnamon and weight loss" and felt amazed to discover that in spite of the immense health benefits it has to offer, its weight loss benefits are equally enticing. For years, people have been using dalchini (cinnamon) as a spice and were ignorant that by including the seasoning on their diet, they were unknowingly rewarding themselves with good health, that was also helping them to keep obesity at bay. So if you are a die-hard fan of cinnamon herb, and use it for flavoring food, or consume it in some other way, it is undoubtedly a piece of great news for you. 

cinnamon for weight loss

With the continuous research in the concerned field, people got to learn about the benefits of cinnamon on human health.  Also, its aromatic properties are commendable. That is why it is considered a great aromatic food flavor. To add to it, it works as an excellent mouth freshener that is indeed natural. The research on the effectiveness of cinnamon for weight loss is again an add-on and provides a strong reason to people for including it in their daily diet. 

China is one of those countries that has been using it in herbal medicines for ages. The effects of cinnamon on health were observed even in Indian land in the primitive times itself. I remember my grandmother, who was 80 years old and used cinnamon oil for massaging her knees. She had arthritis and she always said that it offered great relief to her each time she used it.

Known for its antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties, Cinnamon is classified into Cassia and Ceylon, where Cassia cinnamon is found in three varieties, namely; Saigon, Corintje and Cassia. Though both the varieties are rich in microbial properties and are perfect for the health of people with diabetes, Cassia cinnamon is not a great recommendation for consumption because of a few reasons:

  • It contains substantial content of Coumarin which is found naturally in it and is known for its blood-thinning properties. The consumption of this cinnamon for a long time results in serious health issues associated with the kidney and liver. Hence, avoiding its use, in the long run, is necessary for maintaining good health.
  • The level of coumarin in it is 1200 times more compared to Ceylon cinnamon that consists it in small proportion. That is the reason, why the intake of Cassia variable is regarded as a slow poison.
cinnamon powder for weight loss

In simple words, Ceylon is the variety everybody should consider using for managing their health and weight. But, the irony is that very few people are aware of this kind of cinnamon. Nowadays, it's easy to buy it, and you can always explore its sellers through online medium.

How cinnamon aids in weight loss?

Cinnamon is a super weight loss food that speeds up the process of weight loss by restricting the storage of unwanted fat in the body. Let's discuss how?

  • Considering cinnamon for weight loss is certainly a smart decision. It regulates the blood sugar levels in the body as fluctuating levels make it difficult for maintaining weight. It brings the sugar level to its optimum reading and hence, becomes an extraordinary remedy for the people looking for weight management.
  • There is a myth that only people with diabetes need to regulate the insulin level in the body. The fact is that insulin has nothing to do with diabetes. With the dysfunctional metabolism, the human body tends to produce a higher insulin level in the body. Such a condition makes the people feel hungry within short intervals. People suffering from such issue tend to eat more and in the process consumes more calories than required. It leads them to obesity. Cinnamon helps to deal with the problem and helps people reach their weight loss goals.
  • When your metabolism starts to function in the right way, your body weight automatically reaches its targeted landmark. Hence, justifies the theory of cinnamon and weight loss.

If you are working hard to lose weight, you need to learn more about the proper ways to justify the use of cinnamon diet.

  • As I already mentioned that my grandmother was a cinnamon freak. She used its powder to sprinkle on the top of the cup of tea that she used to have every day. That was indeed something that always appeared weird to me. For me, it has been just a spice having lousy taste and strong in the aroma. But, now I realize that she used to do that for enjoying its maximum health benefits and guess what? She was never obese but had a very well-maintained body structure and health. The use of lemon and honey with cinnamon tea for weight loss is prevalent. People start their day with the combination of these three natural weight loss products for getting back into shape. Just sprinkle cinnamon powder or put a cinnamon stick to boil. Then strain it and squeeze lemon and pour a spoon of honey on it. Consume it regularly every morning to observe quick results.
  • One glass of cinnamon water in a day keeps obesity away. So why not start with it soon?
  • Cinnamon tea for weight loss is again a great way to start your day. It rejuvenates your mind and helps you stay active throughout the day.
  • Add it in your daily food as a spice. It is a beautiful way to enhance the taste of your regular meal as well as stay fit and healthy.
  • Why not sprinkle some cinnamon powder in your protein shake after your hard workout day in a gym?
  • Even adding it to your desserts is an excellent alternative to deriving its weight loss benefits. It also adds to its taste.
  • I also add cinnamon to milk that I drink before sleeping. It works actively during night time when my body and metabolism are at rest.

Fun fact - It also works as a pesticide. So pest has been a menace lately for you these days, it can work for you. Two drops of cinnamon essential oil will do the magic.

My only advice is to do a considerable amount of research on the recommended daily dose of dalchini for shedding weight before adding it to your regular foodstuff. Excessive use of anything is wrong. Similarly, excessive usage of the product may pose harm to your health.

Better speak to your physician regarding the same before beginning with the consumption of cinnamon for weight loss. Please share your knowledge on its usage to make my blog an engaging and knowledgeable place to halt. When we share our experience with people, we tend to know more through the discussion — looking forward to hearing on your end soon.

Enjoy your day and make weight loss an achievable goal through homemade remedies.

Cheers 🙂

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