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Hello everybody,This is Sukhneet!

Six years from now, I was ignorant of my writing potential and was a homemaker whose life revolved entirely around her family and kid. I was always proud about that, and still feel the same because I am a family person, and feel great when my loved ones are around.The turning point in my life was the time when my husband made me realize that I was doing nothing in spite of being energetic, dynamic and talented. He felt that I am a creative person and should invest my time into doing something that makes me feel happy and good about myself. Though he never asked me to earn money to run a family, but I did recognize that my ability can help me get into a lucrative business of content writing.I decided to kick start with writing, and I am happy that readers like you all always appreciated me for my work. Today, I am doing good because of you all, and my endeavors were useless without your support.Cheers and Loads of love to all

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