Are you trying to lose weight in a week or two?

lose weight in  a week

If you are obese and hunting for the sure shot remedies on how to lose weight in 7 days, I am sure that you must be working hard to reach your goal. We all want to look fit and smart, and extra body weight always adds some additional years to a face's age. Looking 35 at the age of 30 is not acceptable to any woman in this world. Even men don't feel cool about early aging signs.

I would advise you to start slow and don't expect the miraculous weight loss within these seven days. Still, if you follow the below-mentioned weight loss tips with dedication, you will definitely shed a few pounds during the specified time.


Losing weight in such a short time is not an easy thing to do. You must be mentally prepared to keep a check on your daily food habits and lifestyle to extract some result from the concerted plan. I am not obese and was always lucky enough to have an optimum body weight. It always made me feel great to hear compliments from the people about my beautiful body structure. But, that phase ended for me too, after I switched to medication for migraine. I gained about 16 pounds in 15 days.

It was the severe side-effect of the medicines to which my body responded. That difference was noticeable in a fraction of days and was indeed was the worst of all my nightmares. 

Idea that I generated from my research

I did a lot of research on how to lose weight fast and came up with a personal understanding of the subject. I merged all the good things from the different studies that I did. Hence, I applied my customized weight loss strategy, and it worked so well. I lost weight gradually but started feeling the difference within a week.

I am delighted to share with you all my tips on weight shedding. It will not only boost your confidence but will also keep you motivated until the time you reach your end goal.

how to lose weight quickly

One week weight loss plan

I am focusing on all natural solutions so that while losing weight, you do not feel physically weak. If your weight loss diet takes away strength from your body, it's of no use. It does more harm than good to you.  So use your reasoning before getting influenced from rigid diet plans. 

Here we go ahead with the discussion on the same!

weight loss tips

Drink More Water

You must be thinking that how come adding more water consumption to your daily diet will help you to lose weight in a week, but the fact is that it is one of the simplest methods to keep a check in your BMI. We all are well aware of the benefits of water consumption in our daily diet. 

Drinking water is one of the healthiest practices that must be followed by every person throughout the globe. It helps to kick out the toxins from the body and keeps a person more active. It enhances the immune system and boosts the functioning of the digestive system. When your digestive system is healthy, your body absorbs all the necessary nutrients from the food that you eat and helps to flush out the other food as waste from the system. This is how weight loss theory works. If you cannot drink plain water in larger quantities, put some cinnamon in the water and boil it. Strain it and then drink it after it achieves room temperature at least once a day. It becomes a great substitute for water and cinnamon again is a natural herb that helps you stay fit, healthy and let you stay in your best weight.

Also, drinking extra water contributes to keeping the hunger pangs at bay. In this way, you tend to eat less and also stay rejuvenated throughout the day. Your day should start with the consumption of two glasses full of water. It may appear difficult in the beginning, but slowly you will start getting accustomed to the routine. Drinking water empty stomach boost the production of new blood in the body also known as hematopoiesis.

This is how water becomes the super liquid that functions the anatomy of the body so well. Also, do not get surprised to see yourself in mirror as your skin looks healthier and shiny like never before.

say no to junk food

Say NO to Junk Food

Follow this rule of thumb to start noticing a difference within 2-3 days. Focus on a healthy and fibrous diet to see the results. Chips, burgers, colas, candies will only manifest negative consequences. Healthy foods to lose weight must be your target. Click to know more about weight loss foods in my another blog.

drink fluids to lose weight in a week

Drink Fluids to Lose Weight in a Week

Well, when I say liquid, it is not restricted to water. The best way to quench your hunger is by drinking fruit juice, vegetable juice, lemon juice or milk during the oddest hours of the day. Please consume low-fat milk, if you opt to drink milk. Consumption of more fluids prevents you from unhealthy habit of munching that often makes you to consume extra calories that add up to your accelerating BMI.  

fruits and veggies diet chart for weight loss

Add More of Fruits and Veggies in Your Daily Diet 

Try to eat fruits to fill the gap between breakfast and lunch. It is a healthy alternative that keeps you energetic without making you feel starved. Also, add more veggies to your daily diet for better results. Eating them raw as a salad is more beneficial and contributes to losing weight quickly. 

eat on time to lose weight

Eat Your Food on Time

Eat your meals on specified time daily, and stick to a fixed proportion of calorie intake.

natural sweeteners

Replace Sugar to Natural Sweeteners

This is how I lost some weight in the specified time. I know it well; the craving for sweet food is irresistible. But, sugar will not contribute to your plans. Excluding sugar from your diet chart for weight loss is the best way to get back to shape. Instead add honey, fruit juices, sugarcane juice to your desserts for winning the game.

I will not advise you to stop having sweet food. Even that is equally important for our body for extracting the desired nourishment. Quitting sugar will only make you feel lazy and weaker. Choose your right supplement to sugar. Again, do not keep on having sweet food by adding natural sweeteners. Excess of anything is always harmful.

say no to caffeine

Reduce Caffeine Intake

I will not recommend caffeine to the people on their weight loss mission. Better get out from the clutches of its addiction for observing the traces of weight loss in one week. 

green tea for weight loss

Drink Green Tea

We all know that Green tea is an excellent weight loss supplement that is organic and is equally healthy. The inclusion of Green tea in your daily diet is just what is needed. Also, consuming it during set hours of the day is the requirement to get rid of the unwanted fat from the body.

weight loss supplements

Weight Loss Supplements

Apart from drinking Green Tea, considering weight loss supplements like Moringa Oleifera capsules or Garcinia Cambogia is the best way to lose weight.

Sleep More

When you keep your body at rest, you don't feel hungry because your bowel also gets to rest. It is an ingenious trick to cut off the visible bulges from the body. 7-8 hours of sleep is optimum and must be your bulls-eye. 

Early to Bed and Early to Rise

The old saying holds a virtue even in present days. It is the best strategy to stay fit and start a busy day on a positive note. 

fiber-rich diet for losing weight in seven days

Concentrate on Fiber-Rich Diet

It's just a simple trick. If you eat fiber-rich food that has a low-fat content, it helps to stay full for long and put a halt on food cravings. This way, you can say no to your favorite food easily and can keep yourself away from munching. The importance of fiber in a weight loss diet cannot be overlooked. Fiber rich diet is always the celebrities topmost choice as a weight management trick.

exercise to lose weight in a week


Not to mention, the regular workout is equally essential to bid farewell to the fat from the body. You cannot lie idle and wait for the miracle to happen. After all, to meet the stringent target, you need to work hard. 

If you want to get rid of the excess fat from the body by following a natural path, you need to have patience and a positive approach towards your goal.

To lose weight in a week is not a robot science. It needs a lot of effort to attain one's dream weight in such a short period. Also, don't expect to observe a massive difference within this time. Though, following the above plan will definitely help to get rid of a few pounds from the body in this time frame.


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