I was wondering if the GM veg diet is a reliable plan to follow for losing weight?

GM Veg Diet

I am sure a lot of you out there are interested to know more about this weight loss plan. I read the entire program and felt that it has the potential to help a person shed a few extra pounds from the body. It is flexible and easy to incorporate into one’s daily diet. This seven-day plan sounds excellent. It can be helpful for those people looking for the ways to bid adieu to extra body fat. If you are a vegetarian, GM Vegetarian diet is a perfect plan to follow for generating results quickly.

Here is a brief of the GM diet veg plan:

  • Day 1

GM Diet day 1 of the plan is most challenging as you have to focus your mind on fruit diet and say no to spicy and oily food. A bit difficult, isn't it? Also, a strict no to caffeine is the key to hit the goal here. On this day, you will start with something unusual, something that you never did before. Right?

Melons and papaya with 1-2 glasses of water in the morning, followed by a bowl full of apple, melon or watermelon along with water in the afternoon contribute to satiating your hunger. Dinner must be light and must comprise of orange, kiwi, or a half serving of melons.

  • Day 2

The second day stresses more on vegetables. Just start your day with a large baked potato with some ghee, butter, or olive oil. Cucumber, lettuce or cabbage salad with the dressing of olive oil or vinaigrette, followed again with leafy greens or boiled beet at night for dinner. Apparently, water intake should be optimized throughout the day.

  • Day 3

With the advancing days of GM Motors diet, following the plan gets easier as the body is already used to it. Again on this day, starting a day with apple or melon is recommended with 2-3 glasses of water for supporting digestion. For lunch, add tomatoes to the salad diet with the dressing of olive oil or vinaigrette. Dinners must comprise of fruit desserts like apple or watermelon.

  • Day 4

Day 4 is quite relaxing as you may start it with the consumption of banana and warm milk. You may even give a thought to drinking almond milk or warm milk by adding one teaspoon of coconut oil to it. Tomato soup or cabbage stew or other vegetable stew makes a perfect lunch for the day, while dinner may comprise of banana shake and vegetable soup

  • Day 5

The focus of the morning breakfast on the fifth day is on soy bean or lentils. One plate of boiled rice with boiled chickpeas along with a glass of lemon water are perfect for lunch. A half medium sized bowl of chickpea with one raw tomato is a menu for GM Veg diet Day 5 dinner.

  • Day 6

Here comes day six loaded with a veggie treat for you. Your day must start with a bowl of sauteed vegetables. Brown rice with sprouts for lunch and a bowl of broccoli salad for dinner is ideal according to GM diet vegetarian. You may carry forward brown rice for dinner also.

  • Day 7

By the day 7, you will start noticing significant changes in your body. You should start your day with brown rice to get desired carbohydrates. For lunch, incorporate cooked veggies like asparagus and broccoli along with brown or white rice. Though Day 7 dinner includes rice again with leafy vegetables, you may exclude rice from the diet for it may offer a heavy feeling at night.


The entire GM veg diet plan stresses more on fruits and vegetables, even the midday snacks and beverages consists of fruits and fruit juices. GM Diet is getting increasingly popular among the people looking for weight loss options. It promotes quick weight loss and has several other advantages.

After going through the plan, I feel that it may sound like a reliable solution for weight loss, but not as easy to follow as it appears. Especially, we Indians make use of a variety of spices, oil, and wheat in our daily food and switching entirely to fruits and vegetable diet may not keep you satiated throughout the day. People who are exposed towards the problem of acidity, their bodies may not adapt to the plan as the feeling of hunger may activate the acidic enzymes in the body. So if you are prone to acidity, better avoid following the plan and look for other alternatives. Maybe a workout plan will work for you and you can even lose weight in a weeks time. Isn't it cool?


The GM veg diet has a few sets of loopholes though its benefits are equally enticing.

Benefits of Vegetarian GM Diet

  • It is an excellent plan that helps a person lose a significant weight within a short span of seven days. The reason being strict diet plan that includes healthy foods to lose weight.
  • It eliminates toxins from the body by activating the detoxification process
  • The GM diet veg is known to shed off the accumulated fat from tummy and hips

People are dubious about the plan because a lot of them feel that it is not a flexible regime. GM diet veg seems to be a firm plan for a lot of the people out there as they believe that it further increases the intensity of hunger pangs and provokes a person to eat more. Also, who follows the plan strictly does not feel energetic enough to cope with daily stress. The human body also needs oils, spices, and other nutrients for better functioning of the body and General Motors diet according to them does not seem to be a plan that provides complete nutrition to the body.

Though a lot of them considers it as a viable solution for losing weight and recognizes it as one of the best diet plans that keep a person away from unhealthy food for a week's time and promotes detoxification of the body. It also boosts the immune system of a person by fostering digestion. Also, it contains optimum water intake throughout the span of seven days that is the absolute requirement of a human body.

If you are serious about losing weight and feel that incorporating this healthy diet plan will help you with your weight loss goals, kick start with it today. The plan focuses on fiber rich food and eases bowel movement of a person and replenish with a scheme full of health to a person.

I am a bit skeptical about the same because I am a foodie and following this plan may not work with me. But, there is a very old saying, “ Where there is a will, there is a way”, and if you are serious about your weight loss goal, you will have to overlook your love for junk food and jump to a plan like GM veg diet for better results. 

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