Do You Know When is the Best Time to Drink Green Tea for Weight Loss?

Are you on a weight loss diet and feel that drinking green tea for weight loss is an effective remedy? If yes, then this article is meant for you. I love writing about weight loss because I feel that the quest for shedding weight is not confined only to the appearance of a person, but it has to do a lot more with the health as well as the confidence of an individual. Obese people are more exposed to diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, hypertension, gout, coronary heart disease (CHD), heart strokes, cancer, osteoarthritis, metabolic syndrome and the list goes on. Hence, they should consider losing weight for living a healthier and longer life. After all, no matter, even if they are obese, but they certainly have people in their life who love them and want them in their lives.

right time for drinking green tea for weight loss

I don’t say that people with an average body built do not run the risk of acquisition of these conditions, but still, they are on a safer side if they are managing their lifestyle in a proper way. Believe me, living with obesity is a curse and we should make every possible effort to reach a healthy weight.


Benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea is a revolutionary weight loss supplement and has become one of the adequate diet for shedding pounds from the body. It is the tea made from un-oxidized leaves and is not highly processed like black tea. There are several benefits of drinking this amazing herbal tea and that is the reason for its growing popularity throughout the world. Here are a few of them:

  • This herbal tea contains polyphenols like catechins and flavonoids, all famous for their health properties. Polyphenol is a natural compound found abundantly in plant sources filled with antioxidant properties and known to offer protection from degenerative diseases. Hence, offers a healthier alternative to tea.
  • As polyphenols are known to protect body cells from damaging, it works like a wonder anti-aging drug and offers better immunity to fight against aging and diseases associated with aging. Isn’t it a great way to look younger than your real age. Hence, switching to green tea rather than sticking to your regular tea is a practical option.
  • It is a traditional herb that was used as a medicine in ancient India and China. People in that era used green tea to heal wounds and also considered as a miraculous ingredient that was known to improve digestion and mental health.
  • It also consists of amino acids and a minuscule percentage of caffeine known to stimulate brain function.
  • It also reduces cholesterol and enhances blood circulation.
  • As it is good for metabolism, you will certainly notice extraordinary shine on your face even after losing weight.

​The health benefits of green tea are immense and, it ​is a cup full of good health for you, if you drink it regularly. I have been drinking it for about three years now and feel that it fulfills all the promises of keeping you active and smart. Initially, its taste was something my tongue was not ready to like, but now my day feels incomplete​ without its consumption. Ironic indeed! But, it’s how things change with time.

If you are on your weight loss plans, then you need to explore the fact about the best time to drink green tea to lose weight.

I have seen a lot of people who are under the impression that drinking green tea combined with effective practices like a few sets of exercises will help them to reach their weight reduction goals. Apparently, they have a right perception to this weight loss strategy, but they miss out the essential element of incorporating the idea of right time to drink green tea in their daily routine.

Target Your Purpose

One of the major factors that decide when to drink green tea is your purpose behind adding it to your daily diet. Though a lot of people consider it in reaching their weight loss goals, still there are many, who drink it for deriving its health benefits as it is loaded with a lot of antioxidants. Indeed! A lot of us who believe green tea to be an amazing healthy beverage, drinks it for the sake of our health and overlook its weight loss benefits.

Drinking green tea for weight loss benefits – There is a misconception among people that the best time to  drink green tea is early in the morning that too empty stomach is the best way to get rid of the fat. But, a lot of them are not aware that it is not completely caffeine free and is alkaline in nature. It may activate gastric enzymes if taken early in the morning.

It is better to mingle it with your afternoon meal. One cup of green tea during evening time is equally beneficial. In fact, people who want to gain its health benefits should take it this way to feel rejuvenated as it is also considered as a natural detoxifier.

Weight Loss properties of green tea

Green tea is a miraculous fluid filled with a cup of excellent health and body. One of the most unusual elements about the product is that it is produced at quite high temperatures and only fresh leaves are used during the production process. Whereas, the regular tea that we often drink contains dried leaves resulting in the loss of existing nutrients when processed. Hence, Green tea also becomes a nutritious weight loss diet for all the people who consumes it regularly.


best time to drink green tea

How it Works?

  • It lowers the insulin level and reduces body fat
  • Studies have proven that it lowers the absorption of proteins and fats and must be taken 1-2 hours before the regular meal. Obviously, you should be particular about the time and must take it regularly during the fixed hours of the day.

Did You Know?

Green Tea can delay aging by neutralizing the effect of free radicals in the human body and can delay the signs of aging.

There are several shreds of evidences proving the effectiveness of green tea on dental health as it contains antioxidant known as catechins that are highly effective and can control periodontal infections to a great extent. 

Several studies have proven that flavonids in Green tea boosts the metabolic rate and also enhances the insulin activity in a body. Apart from contributing to one’s weight loss goals it is also a healthier option for the people with diabetes. Even they are free to consume it if they want to lose weight by consuming green tea. Isn’t it cool? If you can incorporate a weight loss diet and workout along with drinking herbal tea, you will notice quicker results.

For me, it is a special and a very healthy weight loss juice that helps me stay energetic throughout the day. I have shared my know-how with you all of the best time to drink green tea for weight loss as I feel my research justifies it. But, if you all know something that I might not have mentioned, please take time to leave a comment and share your thoughts with me. It will be a pleasure for me.

Cheers to all  🙂








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