From a chubby cheeked teenager to a ravishing actress, Alia Bhatt Weight loss journey is an inspiration to most of the obese women throughout the country

alia bhatt weight loss

In spite of being a daughter of one of the well-established personalities of Bollywood, losing weight was the only choice left to her for reaching the zenith of stardom. Alia Bhatt weight loss journey began after hearing a straight no from most of the famous directors of the industry. She wanted to become an actress since her childhood days and her zeal to reach the top of the success ladder motivated her to attain a size zero.

Alia started her career with “Student of the Year,” but before she was signed for a movie, she was asked by the director to reduce weight by at least 20 kgs in the span of six months and then only he would consider her for the lead role. She took it as a challenge and went on a strict exercising regime and diet plan. My aim behind writing this article is to inform people about the weight loss measures she followed that helped her lose weight fast. So if you are planning to cut off significant fat from your body, this plan may work out for you.

Well, all of us don’t want to be an actor like Alia, but without a doubt, most of us want to look as hot as she is. So ladies buck up with your weight loss goals and feel beautiful and confident from inside by following ​ Alia Bhatt Weight Loss plan. Here is a brief of her weight loss routine.

Workout plan of exceptionally beautiful Alia:

  • She Followed a Tough Gym Regime That Comprised Of

    • Push ups – As push-ups involves the use of multiple muscles, the abs, arms, chest, back, shoulders and legs gets properly toned and stimulates weight loss. Indeed! it requires a lot of effort, but a sure shot remedy to bid adieu to fatty tissues from the body.
    • Biceps curls – It is a popular exercise for toning of the biceps. Most of the gymnasiums, health clubs and spas put a focus on this exercise as it makes the biceps act against the gravity and do not strain the back and wrist. Hence, helps the person to maintain a right shape of the biceps
    • Treadmill walk – If you want a healthy musculoskeletal system, treadmill walk is a must-to-incorporate workout in your plan
    • Dumbell exercises – It stimulates the repair process of the damaged muscles so that muscle cells develop an ability to store glycogen and enhances the size of the muscles. It also leads to higher level of muscle activation.
    • Crunches – It strengthens the abdominal muscles and improves the balance and posture of a person. Obviously, this workout has a deep impact on the physical appearance of a person
    • Squats – It is a healthy exercise and has been specially designed for the workout of the butt. Recommended specially to women for attaining that ooh-la-la look
    • Lunges – It’s a strength builder workout. It’s an important exercise for buttocks and thighs
    • Lateral Pull Down – It is meant for strengthening the arms, back and shoulder muscles

Now the question that arises is, “What was Alia Bhatt weight loss plan’s real goal”?

Hence, her workout plan had been designed in a way that involved the exercising of the entire body.

Apart from all the above workouts, Alia Bhatt weight loss plan also involved swimming, kickboxing, running, circuit training and weights. All these exercises require a lot of hard work and dedication. Coping with such strenuous activities is not everybody’s cup of tea. Especially, during the initial days, it is tough to follow the plan.

The great thing about any workout plan is that it produces endorphins in the body that works as a natural painkiller and helps to deal with daily stress. It also improves the internal functioning of the body and enhances the person’s ability to sleep. Apparently, attaining good health along with an ideal structure appears as an icing on the cake.

Alia Bhatt was very particular about her plan and made it a point to go to the gym 3-4 times in a week. Her workout strategy involved three sets of each workout and did 15-20 repetitions of each of them.

She is also a yoga freak and practices it regularly. To add to it, she also dances regularly. Being a dancer, she does Kathak and Ballet with proficiency and manage time for it. Also, in one of her interviews she said that she never overlooks her diet and exercising plan and makes it a point not to get flexible with it.

She also said in an interview that losing weight for her at 67 kgs was not easy. She was on a strict diet routine and ate nothing except chicken, fruits, and vegetables. I feel it’s very challenging and most of us are not able to gather enough courage to start with it.

I am a housewife and feel that she made a commendable effort to shed extra fat from her body. Still, she followed a rigid plan that is not easy for any ordinary homemaker to follow blindly. Especially, women who have kids and family cannot follow it completely. It demands a lot of time that is not possible for any housewife or a professional to devote so much of time and efforts along with following a daily routine work.

Though I also read somewhere:

  • ​She starts her day with a light breakfast that comprise of a poha, egg white, or vegetable sandwich followed with a cup of tea or coffee.
  • Her mid-day snack is usually a fruit salad and her lunch comprise of a roti without ghee, dal and vegetables. If she feels like eating non-vegetarian food then chicken with Quinoa is what she prefers to eat.
  • Her tidbits for evening usually consists of idli sambhar, or kurmura or some other version of light snack and one cup of tea without sugar.
  • Her dinner is quite similar to her lunch. Sometimes she prefers roti, while at times she eats a bowl full of rice with dal and veggies. Also, chicken breast is her hot favorite for dinner. Her daily diet is obviously a healthy one that comprise of all the minerals that our body require.

<p “”=””>Overall, she focused on healthy foods for losing weight!

This is what I feel should be the essence of dieting. Eat 4-5 times in a day and in small portions that keeps a person healthy and active without causing weakness when body actually sheds weight.

I would recommend following a strict diet along with a workout plan that is a bit flexible. Alia always managed to hit the gym for 3-4 days in a week. You can restrict it two days and can focus on yoga within the comforts of your home. Also, not to forget that you need an optimal diet to take the best care of your family. So focus on healthy food that is fat-free, yet provides a good deal of energy throughout the day to help you deal with your daily chores.

So ladies, as you are now aware of Alia Bhatt weight loss diet and plan, you can either follow it or make practial changes to get the desired results. If you can follow her plan blindly, nobody can stop you from losing significant weight within a month’s time. Just give it a try and see the difference. At least, I am planning to kickstart with the regime.


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