A lot of us are getting swayed away by coffee fat loss hype! Know the truth

coffee fat loss

​Is it possible to lose weight with coffee?

One of my friends trusted me for weight loss advice and wanted to know what I have to say regarding coffee weight loss diet. To be honest, coffee never had a great reputation. For me, it is no more than an appetite suppressant that helps to avoid munching for long, but at the same time makes us consume caffeine that has an adverse effect on our health. So you may end up losing weight on the cost of your health. If you are not convinced, read the article below for more information.

The other day, I was reading an article on weight loss with coffee and I was amazed to learn that so many people are considering this method to get rid of the extra pounds from their body. I don’t know if it is a reliable way, but after going through an interesting write-up on fat loss with coffee in one of the local magazines, I decided to share this fascinating news with you all.

Though the role of coffee as a weight loss diet is highly debated, still I feel the information can be of great help to a lot of people out there. However, it cannot help you shed significant weight, but it may help you lose a bit as well as prevent weight gain.

Restrict your coffee intake to a healthy level

When I say healthy, it means a 1-2 cup of fully caffeinated drink in a day is enough to gain results. It contributes by suppressing your appetite and restricts you from consuming higher calories. Though it will work as an appetite suppressant temporarily as your body will get used to it over time, and yielding long-term results from its consumption is not possible. Also, make it a point not to consume more than 400 milligrams of caffeine in a day. Targeting more than the recommended limit may lead you to insomnia and we all know how bothering the condition of sleeplessness is. Isn’t it?

Focus on Consuming Black Coffee

Adding milk to coffee adds to calories. Drink it black and that too without sugar for deriving the benefits of coffee fat loss.

Drink it During Fixed Hours of the Day

So if you decide to have 2 cups a day, you can drink one in the morning and another during the evening time. If you want to derive maximum weight loss benefits from its consumption, you may add one more cup in a day after your breakfast.

Give a Try to Decaffeinated Beans

​These are also known as half-caff because these are low in caffeine. You can think about incorporating it into your diet by adding 5-6 cups of coffee in a day.

It may sound an excellent information to many out there who are on their weight loss plans, but the effects vary from person to person. While a lot of you may not be able to lose more than 1-2 lbs in a week, a few of you may lose up to 2-3 sizes. I read somewhere that one of the ladies reduced about 5 inches in a week’s time by following this plan.

Many of us are fond of the beverage and may consider this method for weight loss, but exceeding the recommended level may pose risk to one’s health

Though shreds of evidence of coffee fat loss are present, this weight loss diet has more of the flaws that provide you with a plethora of reasons to quit coffee than accepting it as your weight loss diet. Also, the media hype on coffee side effects has landed all of us in confusion. Nobody knows if it is a virtuous cup of weight loss or a cup full of ailments.

Some say that it is an energy booster that offers strength to work for hours, even if you don’t eat your food, while some have an impression that it is not an authentic source of energy and has bad effects on the overall health of a person. Though it enhances the process of calorie burning, it also activates the generation of acidic enzymes that kills slowly. Apparently, mixed views on the same has created endless confusions and have given rise to so many doubts in the human mind that has always been so inquisitive.

Here are a few points to highlight that has given rise to a lot of controversies and make us think if losing weight with coffee is practical.

  • Researches have proven that coffee is responsible for accelerating the level of insulin in the body and can endanger the life of the people who have diabetes
  • The great thing is that one cup of black coffee consists of 2 calories only and zero fat. Hence, weight loss with it is somehow justified. Though healthy or not, you need to decide.
  • It is a beverage that is not apt nutritionally, toxic and leads to fatigue
  • Caffeine in the coffee boosts stress hormones known as catecholamines. It leads to the increase in cortisol and results in increased insulin that further contributes to inflammation and lousiness
  • The habit of drinking coffee reduces insulin sensitivity. Hence, the body absorbs more sugar and makes a person obese in the long run. So the coffee weight loss is not justified with its consumption
  • It is acidic in nature and leads to heartburn, digestive discomfort, and GERD. It is also associated with cardiovascular disease.
  • It interferes with the normal process of liver detoxification and further give rise to many other health issues

In spite of the controversies, there are a significant benefits of coffee that cannot be overlooked

  • ​If you are a coffee lover, here is a good news for you. According to a survey conducted by USC Norris comprehensive cancer center, people who drink about 2-3 cups of coffee a day stay safe from developing condition of liver cancer. Hence, your coffee fat loss diet may keep cancer at bay.
  • Again, people consuming 2-3 cups of coffee a day are at a lower risk of developing gout.
  • Chlorogenic acid in coffee prevents retinal damage
  • Your dental health gets better as coffee is known to kill germs in mouth
  • When your dental health gets better, you obviously keep yourself safe from periodontal disease

​The habit of drinking coffee assays with several benefits also. Still, the debate related to its health benefits and weight loss benefits is ever-going.

There are evidence that even though caffeine is known to boost one’s metabolism in the short run, its effects declines in the long-term for the coffee lovers as they develop a tolerance for it. Especially, the obese coffee lovers may not be able to derive the desired results.

Even though caffeine is known to boost one’s metabolism in the short run, its effects declines in the long-term for the coffee lovers as they develop a tolerance for it. Especially, the obese coffee lovers may not be able to derive the desired results.

If you’re considering weight loss with coffee better prevent the buildup of tolerance by scheduling its intake for a week and then avoid for another and continue with the same for observing best results. I think it will surely work this way and you must start observing results in some time.

Also make a workout plan and follow it regularly to speed up the weight loss process. It is necessary. One more thing to keep in mind is that when you follow an exercising plan, you should not compensate the calorie count by consuming additional calories on the other hand. For it will do no good to you.

If you feel that coffee is something you cannot resist and will also help you with your weight loss plans it is recommended to keep up with the water intake. Increase your water intake to avoid its adverse effects. It is better to quit it slowly and switch to other weight loss alternatives over coffee fat loss. Those methods are not only reliable but ensures a healthy fat loss.

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